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I am a new member, currently obsessed with Garo...
mitraxxi wrote in garo_d
... and I don't know how much time I'll be.

Hello everyone!

I feel very pleased to find some people who likes Garo, too. Usually I do not know many people who likes it and, sometimes, I'm starving...

When I finish to read the posts here, I'll see what can I add to this community. I have some material in my own blog devoted to Garo, perhaps I can bring here part of it. It's a trilingual blog (my two languages and English), and I beg you to excuse me if my English isn't good enough. Really, I have risked a lot about the language, even I have writen fanfiction because I wanted it could be red by a wider number of people. If anyone can't expect, go here.

Thanks very much!


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I am happy to hear that people are still enjoying GARO. :) Welcome!

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