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GARO Special: "Making of" (sort of)
mitraxxi wrote in garo_d

I have found what I think it is the Making Of of Garo Special. They are three videos about a TV show amusing enough... but they are not subdued (indeed,  there is not enough place to put them!). Some scenes are hilarious!

1 -
2 -
3 -

I hope you enjoy it so much as I did.

PS:  Have a very good 2009!

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Wow indeed, it was really cool to see the cast train and joke around. <3 Thanks a whole lot for the links!

Happy new year to you too. :P

Yes, it was a great finding. I was lucky.

oh, I'm really happy these still work! I just finished watching Garo and it's great to have something extra to watch ^^ Thanks!

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