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New 3D Garo Movie
Garo OP
arionhunter wrote in garo_d
Garo~Red Requiem 3D Film Green-Lit for 2010.

*cannot wait for plot details*

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My God! Thats's great! I really thought Garo was really finished. I wonder if it'll be just a new version of the same story.

Hopefully I'll get to ask Mark Musashi about it this weekend at Persacon - if it's a remake movie, he'll have to be in it.

they say adaptation of the series which makes me nervous, although any new GARO is good GARO.

That is awesome.

*crosses fingers for a good cast* ...preferably the old one. *loves Konishi Ryousei*

A great news! (In spite I'd prefer a second season... or both options)

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