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Nice to meet you~
silentstar_01 wrote in garo_d

Hello~ I'm silentstar_01, pleased to meet you~!!! ^.^

I'm currently starting to write fanfiction for GARO (Kouga/Kaoru are so cute together~), so please treat me kindly. ^.^


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Ah... hi. Comm pretty much not alive much... but welcome. Anyway, if you're posting on, feel free to request for a GARO category at the TV Shows section. I had some fics there... but lazy to request that category since I've dome my share of requesting many other categories already XD

A pretty much dead community.....

Yeah...I've been looking for past posts (looking for Kouga/Kaoru fics, of course :P), and I've noticed that there isn't much. I've seen a lot of Kouga/Rei fics, which I'm NOT a fan of (though I respect the preference of others :D).

I'm writing Kouga/Kaoru fics to satisfy my muse, since she's demanded Kouga/Kaoru all the time now since I've watched GARO at least three times in a row straight. ^.^;;

Anyway, pleased to meet you! ^.^

Re: A pretty much dead community.....

I used to write several Kouga/Kaoru fics... one shots mostly, one of it remained on hiatus most of the times as other fandom took over my head.

Have fun!

Re: A pretty much dead community.....

Thank you for the encouragement! ^.^ I'm also juggling Kouga/Kaoru with one other (in terms of tonkatsu--is that right?--series)--Kamen Rider Decade's Tsukasa/Natsumi. ^.^

I'm currently wrestling with a one-shot named "Color," featuring Kouga/Kaoru, and it's been giving me no end of problems. Hopefully it won't make things TOO difficult... ^.^;;

Re: A pretty much dead community.....

Um....I just realized that I wrote "fried pork cutlet" series.... O.O I must be hungry...

Well, I was referring to the genres that involve GARO and Kamen Rider....

Hello, silentstar_01. Welcome!

I like Kouga/Kaoru too and, indeed, there are not many. So, I also I am writting some fanfiction. As I do not dare to upload my English versions into Fanfiction.Net (I uploaded there in my own languages) I have them in my blog about Garo. Look here, if interested: . At the right side there are three summaries, the last of them about my fanfiction. Please, tell me when you ended writing your own.

See you.

I'm sorry, I didn't realise I wasn't logged in. I wrote the last comment.

Hello! ^.^ Thanx for replying!

I will take a look on your blog! I've only found mostly Kouga/Rei fics (O.O;;;;) on the site. While I do like Rei, um....not my cup of tea (well, for this series, at least). I DO write yaoi pairings, though, but not just for this show. ^.^;;;;;;;

I was wondering....why don't you upload to I'm currently uploading my other fics there..... ^.^;;

It's just because I can't guarentee the level of English required by Fanfiction.Net. In any case, in the abstract of a fic in my other two languages, I notify where the English versions can be found.

TT.TT It's been so long...I'm so sorry! TT.TT (I always meant reply, but...)

I'm currently watching Makai Senki, and loving it~ And finally got my hands on the OST, so I'm inspired.

How are you doing these days?

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