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honou_no_izumi wrote in garo_d
Just to inform...

Despite how dead this comm is...
To anyone here who posted their GARO fics on, I've requested for the category a few days ago... and it was granted. All that's left would be for people to move their fics to that category... XD. Character filter would be on once they approved of my other requests.

On the other hand, if there are also other people writing fics for Hidarime Tantei EYE... that category's out as well.

EDIT: The character tags are out as well... XP

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So, it was you! An user of Fanfiction.Net gave me this news, and told me where could I find it.

Thank you!!!

Ohohohoho~ yes it's me~

Sent it like 3 days ago~ effective~ hehe

no probs~

The character tags are out now... XD

oh sweet that's great news. Now I just need to be inspired to write one soon.

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