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Agito ⇒ Believe Yourself
thirdshade wrote in garo_d
Hello guys,

Your local mods have been giving this some thought, and we have come to the conclusion that this community will be closed to new posts. We feel the peak of discussion about GARO has run its course, and not much more fruitful activity will come out of this comm.

Of course we would never want to shut discussion about GARO, because we still love it! So we invite you to come share your GARO love with other fans at these newer, more active communities:

henshin_heroes - for media and news about tokusatsu actors, where you can get your fangirl/fanboy mode on for Konishi Ryosei, Fujita Ray, Yamamoto Shoma, Kyomoto Masaki and Watanabe Hiroyuki; and:

hero_chronicle - for tokusatsu fanworks, where you can share your GARO fanfiction, fanart, fanvids, etc.

Don't worry about old posts in this comm, though. All posts will remain as they are for new and future fans to browse through, and membership will stay open so friends-locked posts can be viewed. Only new posts will not go through. We're leaving the community static as an archive of the discussion that's happened in its day, and extending the invitation for you to come join us in more lively places now. ;)

Thanks for the good times, and we hope to see you around still keeping the GARO flame alive!

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So, any chance of the comm reopening due to =3

I suppose we could if there's still enough interest :d

We'll talk it over and let you know :)

I was going to ask the same thing; the first episode was awesome. :D~ Looking forward to seeing Rei in this new series!

The third season of Garo will be airing in April. Will you be opening the comm?

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